Global Water Dances takes place on the 15th June 2019


We are organising an event in Cork to join with the global movement – Come and dance with us!

We are Bodies of Water (BoW) BoW is a transdisciplinary performance, research, and advocacy network that investigates how we access, understand, and respond to water through the human body, art, culture, and public deliberation. The network comprises of artists, community organizations, and a cohort of academics, performers and students from Ireland and the US. Together, this network seeks to build a community with water and each other by exploring how this critical environmental resource exists beyond being merely subject to ownership or stewardship. Rather, BoW uses transdisciplinary performance and research to illuminate how water is us as much as it surrounds us.


Zachary A. Dorsey
Zachary A. Dorsey is an assistant professor at James Madison University in the School of Theatre and Dance, and has also taught in the Department of Performance and Communication Arts and the Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies at St. Lawrence University. His research focuses on GLBTQ art and activism, musical theatre, and representations of violence. In addition to teaching, he works as both a dramaturg and a fight choreographer in the theatre, roles which require interdisciplinary approaches and that demand strong interpersonal communication skills. As most theatre/performance work involves collaboration, STEAM-based interactions and inquiries just seemed like a joyful, logical next step… Zachary is a graduate of the Performance as Public Practice Ph.D. programme in the University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Theatre and Dance.

Patrice Ludwig
Patrice Ludwig finds great joy in working across disciplines as a way to solve messy problems. The learning curve for working across those disciplines can be steep and may present a barrier for participation. Dr. Ludwig works to address that issue by participating in multiple interdisciplinary projects and studying the impact of interdisciplinary experiences on student learning. She has a background in curriculum development, having served as a facilitator for regional and national course design residencies. She serves on both the assessment and undergraduate program committees in the Biology Department of James Madison University and has worked to redesign the department’s core curriculum with a great team of colleagues. Her experience as a Stanford Teaching and Learning Studio participant has further deepened her expertise in applying design thinking to interdisciplinary educational settings. Dr. Ludwig earned a B.S. and M.S. from the Department of Biology at James Madison University and a Ph.D. from the Department of Biology at James Madison University.

Seán McCarthy
Seán is an assistant professor in the School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication at James Madison University. His teaching and research are situated at the intersection of community engagement and digital literacy studies, and he is particularly interested in how writing and digital media production inform and transform transdisciplinary university-community partnerships in local, national, and international contexts. He has served as a faculty associate with JMU’s Center for Instructional Technology (now Innovation Services) and is currently a university Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellow. Seán co-designed and co-teaches an annual institute for faculty in digital humanities pedagogy at JMU and is involved in several university-wide initiatives that promote community and civic engagement.

Róisín O’Gorman
Róisín O’Gorman is a lecturer in Theatre at University College Cork. From her background in theatre historiography, dramatic literature, theory, feminism and visual culture, Róisín’s current research lives between embodied practices and theoretical understandings of performance. She explores this interdisciplinary terrain through the somatic practice of Body-Mind Centering (BMC) which offers an embodied ground to her theoretical and media based work. Róisín completed her Somatic Movement Educator certification in BMC with Embody-Move Association in the UK with support from UCC and The Arts Council of Ireland (see: http://embody-move.co.uk/). BMC has been highly influential and innovative in the field of Dance, part of Róisín’s ongoing research is to examine how this mode can be applied to theatre and performance. (See also: http://www.bodymindcentering.com/)She has published on contemporary Irish performance and also on critical pedagogy in Text & Performance Quarterly and Transformations. She has co-edited a special edition of Performance Research “On Failure” (with Margaret Werry). In 2012 she collaborated with visiting Fulbright scholar, Michael Murphy, in developing a new intermedia performance, Sleepwalker, which was shown at the Triskel Development Centre, Cork. The piece was performed in Montana in 2013. More recently she has published an article in Performance Research on a practice-based research project. In 2015-16 she organized transdisciplinary events: Performance & Politics & Protest (see: https://performancepoliticsprotest2015.wordpress.com/) and Bodystories (see: https://bodystories2016.wordpress.com/ ) in collaboration with Women’s Studies director Dr. Sandra McAvoy. ‍

Maria Sinnecker
Originally from Berlin, Germany, Maria’s background is in expressive dance, contemporary dance, dance theatre, and multilingual drama. She danced and performed with Tanzwerkstatt No Limit, Berlin (1988-99) & jlling company, Tanztheaterprojekt Rostock (2001-05) among others. She studied MA English/German & MA Drama/Theatre Studies (2000-06). Since 2006, she has trained & performed mainly with choreographer Inma Pavon (Inner Landscapes, IV Wills, 5.5.5. 5 Chances). She trained as Community Dance Leader with The Laban Guild, kindly supported by Cork City Council in 2014/2015. She founded Dance Theatre Project Cork in Dec 2015 and teaches creative dance for children, and contemporary dance for teens and adults, as well as language through drama and art.

Fionn Woodhouse
Fionn is a director, producer and facilitator of drama/theatre with particular interest in youth participation and learning through practice. Currently Fionn lecture in the Department of Theatre in University College Cork on the Applied Drama & Theatre, Theatre Production and Cultures of Movement and Place. Fionn is an active educational drama practitioner, having trained and worked with Graffiti Educational Theatre Company for over 14 years along with working across a range of Youth Theatres and community settings. Fionn’s research has focused on the impact of participation in educational drama workshops specifically if the impact aligns with the stated aims and objectives.